Why You Should Choose Guaranteed HVAC Installation for Your Wheeling Home

January 29, 2015

When a critical household system is installed, your new equipment will often come with select performance commitments. But, warranties on HVAC systems don't always include the area of coverage that a Wheeling consumer may expect. HVAC systems are probably guaranteed against defect, however, in most instances, labor and installation are not included in most warranty terms. Here in Wheeling, our guarantee includes 100% satisfaction for a three-year period.

With a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, Wheeling residents can anticipate Comfort Masters Service Experts to include troubles related to installation quality. Whereas most installers of HVAC systems dodge such commitments, our goal is your complete satisfaction with not only the equipment, but also with our work. Purchasing new equipment is significant, and with excellent care, many HVAC systems can offer your home comfort 10 years or more. However, proper installation is the key. Comfort Masters Service Experts is extremely careful in our initial work so your equipment will operate for years to come. No competitor offers the level or support we do after the sale. Our work is performed by experts in the field. If you experience any type of trouble in the initial three years following your installation, we will come out and fix it.

Comfort Masters Service Experts offers Wheeling area consumers a wide selection of furnace and air conditioning systems so that your equipment can be kept up according to manufacturer guidelines. Annual services can help keep your heating and cooling equipment functioning optimally while permitting us to observe any problems before they can become urgent. If you do encounter problems with your new system, you can always contact us to perform a diagnosis. Comfort Masters Service Experts is committed to quality installation and service so that your Wheeling home comfort is perfect!

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